Litigating Claims Against the London Market Noted by Research and Markets

February 15, 2006

Research and Markets ( reported the addition of Insurance Coverage Dispute to their offering.

The authors explain all aspects of litigating insurance coverage disputes in detail, including the varieties of policies and coverage, obligations of policyholders and insurers, and the nuts and bolts of proving or disproving coverage, from pre-trial motions through settlement.

Topics covered include case management, venue, parties, justifiability, discovery disputes and privileged documents, insurance policy interpretation and construction, bad faith and extra-contractual claims, and trial of an insurance coverage dispute. This book is updated as needed, generally two times each year.

Chapters Include:

Chapter 1.

The Basic Types of Policies and Coverages

Chapter 2.

Duties of Policyholder and Insurer in Claims Submission and Handling

Chapter 3.

Preliminary Litigation Considerations

Chapter 4.

Choice of Law Issues in Insurance Coverage Litigation

Chapter 5.


Chapter 6.

Lost Policies

Chapter 7.

Rules of Policy Interpretation and Construction

Chapter 8.

Establishing the Duty to Defend Under CGL Policies

Chapter 9.

Establishing the Duty to Indemnify Under CGL Policies

Chapter 10.

Common Exclusions and Defenses to Coverage under CGL Policies

Chapter 11.

Establishing Coverage Under Other Than CGL Policies and Special Provisions of CGL Policies

Chapter 12.

Bad Faith and Other Extracontractual Claims

Chapter 13.

Litigating Claims Against the London Market

Chapter 14.

Trial of the Coverage Case

Chapter 15.

Settlement of Coverage Claims

Chapter 16.

Insurance Coverage for Claims Arising Out of Sexual Molestation.

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