Paint an Advertisement on Your Van to Avoid Theft? It May Work

October 19, 2005

The U.K. Company QuoteAVan specializes in offering cheap online van insurance quotes. “Vans” in the U.K. include all sorts of delivery and other light trucks, and QuoteAVan has come up with a novel way of reducing the chances that a van will be stolen – paint some advertising on it.

“The thinking behind this is that a branded van is less appealing to thieves, easier to identify in case of an accident and thus more likely to be driven with care,” said the company’s press release. “Insurance premiums could therefore be reduced if owners add sign writing to the sides of their vehicles that clearly identifies the business or highlights the fact that they are members of approved trade organizations.”

Who knows? If it works in the U.K., maybe it would work in the U.S. as well. It might even be possible to get some company to pay you for it.

QuoteAVan also suggests that another way to reduce insurance costs is to add a “How Well Do I Drive?” badge at the rear of the van. “This gives disgruntled motorists the opportunity to register any complaint with an independent monitor that will investigate instances of alleged dangerous or reckless driving on their behalf.” That one may not travel very well.

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