RGL Forensic Accountants & Consultants Launches New Forensic Tech Practice

August 25, 2005

RGL Forensic Accountants & Consultants, an independent forensic accounting firms, announced a new forensic technology practice for lawyers, insurers, companies and those who advise them.

Headed by experienced forensic technologist Martin Baldock, the practice is devoted to the process of identifying, collecting, preserving, processing and presenting digital evidence in support of criminal, civil or anomaly investigation.

As a provider of fraud investigation, litigation support, business valuation and insurance support services, a large portion of RGL’s work is devoted to the recovery and analysis of complex and extensive financial and economic data – with a growing proportion of that data in electronic form, coupled with the supporting e-mails which are increasingly required to complete the evidence.

The new practice will focus on three primary areas: digital evidence recovery, forensic data analysis, and disclosure management. Digital evidence recovery involves the extraction of information from digital media, including PCs, laptops, servers, backup tape, mobile phones, PDAs. Forensic data analysis involves the identification, extraction and processing of transaction level data to support an investigation. Disclosure management is the process of providing the appropriate and relevant digital and digitized hardcopy evidence to legal and investigation teams wherever they might be worldwide.

With more than 25 years IT, business development and project management experience, Baldock is one of the UK’s top experts in the area of forensic technology. He is the former director and head of Forensic Technology at KPMG, where he supervised forensic technology engagements, was responsible for the firm’s long-term forensic technology strategy, and introduced new technology tools, processes and methods for electronic data discovery.

During his tenure at KPMG, Mr Baldock held a three-year position as KPMG’s International Chairman for Forensic Technology Services. He oversaw a myriad of projects involving the full spectrum of electronic data extraction, collation and analysis, from insolvency and investigation matters to multi-million pound stock discrepancies and fraud investigations.

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