UPDATE : Peruvian Air Crash – 40 Dead, 50 Survive

August 23, 2005

Latest reports indicate that more than 50 people miraculously survived the crash of a Boeing 737-200, operated by Tans, the Peruvian national airline. The plane with 92 passengers and a crew of 8, took off from Lima early Tuesday afternoon. It went down in a swamp shortly before landing at the city of Pucallpa, its destination, some 305 miles (490 kms) north-east of Lima.

First reports indicate that a violent storm shook the plane just before the crash, indicating it may have hit a wind shear. The pilot was attempting an emergency landing, but when the plane came down it immediately broke in half and erupted in flames.

Rescue workers have so far recovered 40 bodies from the crash site, but fear the toll could go higher. 11 Americans were among the passengers, but there is so far no information as to whether they survived the crash.

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