Research and Markets: UK Insurance Industry has Highest Vehicle Security Requirements in Europe

June 13, 2005

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of UK Car Alarm Fitment Report to their offering.

This report provides an analysis of the fitment of vehicle security alarms across the 22 volume manufacturers in the UK market, and includes 171 vehicle models, accounting for the majority of mass-market passenger vehicles sold in the UK.

The United Kingdom insurance industry has the highest vehicle security requirements in Europe, which means the provision of appropriate alarm protection has a direct impact on the premiums paid by motorists. This report covers four principle areas:

1. Alarm fitment strategy: the fitment rate is analysed model by model, comparing and categorising the strategies adopted by different manufacturers. Comparisons are also made between models in specific vehicle groups.

2. Alarm features: We analyse in detail the types of interior and additional sensors used and explains the factors influencing equipment design, such as cost, performance and assembly considerations.

3. Component locations: positioning of the two critical components for insurance considerations – the siren and the hood protection switch – is detailed for each model, with an explanation of the relative security benefits.

4. Cost to the customer: option prices for alarms are given where appropriate, together with an analysis of any benefit gained by the customer in terms of lower insurance groupings and reduced premiums.

The 2005 report includes details of 46 new vehicles introduced since the first edition was published. It also includes changes in the data for a further 117 models available to UK motorists, mapped out in more than 35 data tables grouped by manufacturer for easy reference.

“The demands of the UK insurance industry are a major consideration for all manufacturers. Our alarm fitment study is an indispensable guide to the kind of protection being offered to motorists and the impact it has on motoring costs. The many changes since our first edition was published are indicative of the major advances being made in vehicle security.” David Bell, SBD managing director

Companies mentioned: Alfa Romeo; Audi; BMW; Citroen; Daewoo; Fiat; Ford; Honda; Hyundai; Jaguar; Land Rover; Lexus; Mercedes Benz; MG; Nissan; Renault; Rover; Seat; Toyota; Vauxhall; Volkswagen; Volvo.

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