SCOR to Help Tsunami Victims

January 14, 2005

France’s SCOR Group announced that it has mobilized to help the Indian Ocean victims of the Tsunami, initially contributing 150,000 euros ($197,000) to the aid campaign.

The amount “represents one per thousand of Group premiums in the area hit by the catastrophe. This donation has been directed to the UNICEF ‘South Asia Tsunami Relief Efforts’ program,” said the bulletin.

SCOR also announced that in addition to the aid package it has “doubled the donations made by Group employees worldwide who organized a spontaneous collection within the company.”

It also expressed admiration for Group employees who had spontaneously mobilized to help the victims. “Due to their expertise and their profession, [they] are particularly aware of the risks of natural catastrophes, the dramatic human losses and the destruction that these entail,” said the announcement.

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