ACE USA Enhances Defense Base Act Coverage

November 19, 2004

ACE USA, the U.S.-based retail operating division of The ACE Group of Companies, announced that it is enhancing its Defense Base Act (DBA) product offerings to create a responsive, comprehensive approach for small to mid-sized contractors bidding on work in Iraq and other DBA-mandatory locales.

The bulletin said that in order to “more fully serve the unique needs of prime and sub-contractors doing business overseas, Kidnap & Ransom and 24-hour Accident & Health coverages have been added to the ACE USA DBA workers compensation coverage. In addition, ESIS, Inc., the risk management services arm of ACE USA, offers dedicated claims professionals with specialized knowledge of the complexities involved in administering DBA claims, and provides in-depth risk analysis, vulnerability, threat assessment, and risk control services in support of this coverage.”

ACE USA’s announcement explained that “before contractors and their employees can begin work on overseas contracts that are authorized, approved or financed by the U.S. government, or its agencies, DBA workers compensation insurance must be secured.” According to ACE USA’s Sr. VP-International William House, this targeted suite of DBA offerings is designed to provide quick turn-around to contractor inquiries and an informed, comprehensive and global approach to underwriting and managing contractor risk in war zones and other high-risk regions.

“When awarded a contract, contractors must act quickly to secure DBA coverage. ACE USA is committed to providing the centralized, responsive, risk management approach that will help them manage risk and make informed decisions when weighing these business opportunities. ACE USA brings the combined underwriting, risk management, and claims expertise of our entire global network to bear in managing the risks associated with doing business in Iraq and elsewhere overseas,” House explained.

“Prime and subcontractors weighing overseas opportunities will benefit from current, accurate and thorough information on the risks associated with working in specific countries or regions. Other considerations include providing employees with the education, strategies and resources to reduce their risk overseas, and ensuring their return to U.S. soil in the event of injury or death. The comprehensive suite of products and services offered by ACE USA is designed to ensure that contractors and their employees have the information, resources and protection to manage and lessen exposures in high-risk, overseas locations,” said the bulletin.

The announcement detailed a number of new features made available through the expanded coverage. They are summarized as follows:
— Pre-Departure Assistance
— Risk Analysis, Vulnerability and Threat Assessment – ESIS risk control specialists have the expertise to analyze weaknesses and identify security measures that can minimize them.
— Housing Security Survey
— Employee Return Debriefing & Medicals

ESIS Claims Management Services include:
— Claims Operations – ESIS provides a centralized point of contact for all DBA claims, staffed by an experienced team of claims professionals with in-depth knowledge of the unique features of the War Hazard Compensation Act and its filing process.
— Global Risk Advantage Claims Management Information System -This unique ACE system provides access to reports by location, cause of loss, severity and the data that helps clients understand claims results and identify possible improvement areas.
— In-Country Assistance -In Iraq and most other countries where US contractors employ foreign nationals, ACE can provide local claims assistance through its global network of contacts.
— Managed Care for Returnees -Addressing such exposures immediately upon return can reduce future medical claims. ACE can identify providers with demonstrated expertise in treating patients returning from the Middle East and other war zones.
— Specialized Defense Panel Firms – Expert claims management at every stage is key to minimizing loss. ACE only uses firms with significant experience in handling DBA/War Hazard claims.
— Crisis Management Services – ESIS can provide a highly trained team of professionals with expertise in crisis management, communications and evacuation should crisis occur overseas.
— Fatality Assistance – When fatal injuries occur overseas, ACE can assist in repatriating deceased employees, including transporting the body.

For more information about ACE USA’s International’s DBA coverage, contact William House, senior vice president, ACE US International at 972-465-7814.

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