18 Die as Typhoon Causes Flooding in Taiwan

July 6, 2004

Typhoon Mindulle struck Taiwan over the weekend, bringing torrential rains that caused widespread flooding. I8 people were reported to have died, and another 9 are missing.

According to a news report from the BBC, the floods were the worst to hit the island in the last 25 years. The typhoon, which struck the Philippine Islands last week, leaving at least 20 people dead, had lost some strength before it reached Taiwan, but the heavy rains isolated many villages and caused power outages across the country. The floods affected 5 hydroelectric plants by keeping workers from their posts, thus reducing power production.

Rescue workers were trying to reach stricken areas, but have been hampered by the continued bad weather, which isn’t expected to improve until mid-week.

Agricultural losses were estimated at around $70 million. Insured loss figures haven’t been given as yet.

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