IBC Applauds MTO Road Safety Legislation

May 7, 2003

Insurance Bureau of Canada says it is pleased with road safety amendments introduced Tuesday in Ontario’s Bill 20, The Road Safety
Act, 2003.

“As a key road safety partner with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Insurance Bureau of Canada congratulates Minister Frank Klees for bringing forward a plan for further improving the safety of Ontario roads and highways,” Mark Yakabuski, IBC’s vice president, Ontario, commented. “These reforms will surely build on Ontario’s impressive road safety record,” Yakabuski added.

The Bill addresses several road safety issues including road racing,
mandatory child booster seats, passing on highways and construction zone safety.

The property and casualty (P/C) industry reportedly supports a legislative crackdown on road racing. The bill would give police the necessary tools to deal with racing including the power to impound vehicles and suspend drivers’ licenses. In addition, Yakabuski said, “road racers need to be aware that on top of these sanctions, they also run the risk of invalidating their insurance coverage.”

MTO is reportedly strengthening measures to ensure the safety of medically at-risk drivers and the broader community. The legislation clarifies the responsibility of medical professionals and newly designated persons to report on functional impairments as well as clinical conditions.

“These provisions are a sensible approach to address and identify the
medical and physical impairments that can interfere with a person’s ability to drive and would otherwise place them and others at increased risk of injury and death,” Yakabuski added.

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