ACE Launches New Communications Campaign Focused on Global Protection

April 8, 2003

Bermuda’s ACE Limited announced the launch of an integrated communications campaign emphasizing the insurance company’s ability to provide global protection for its clients around the world. “The message is clear,” said the company; “ACE is one of the few companies with worldwide operations, and the range of insurance and reinsurance products and services required to meet the expanding needs of both multi-national and local clients.”

ACE introduced media components of the campaign at the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) conference in Chicago, where delegates were the first to see elements of its new campaign. “Under the Global Protection banner, the integrated communications program will make extensive use of television, radio, print and online advertising as well as marketing communications materials including the Company’s 2002 annual report,” said the bulletin.

In the execution of its new external communications strategy, ACE has moved from a single tagline to a value proposition that sets out the company’s new position in an unconventional set of related thoughts.

The new proposition “Protection. It’s not the end. It’s the beginning,” speaks directly to the needs of ACE clients worldwide, said the company “and demonstrates ACE’s fundamental understanding of the rapidly evolving environment in which modern business is conducted. The key element of that understanding is that despite the staggering challenges to the economy since September 11, 2001 business needs to keep moving, and must be protected to do so.

“The new campaign moves away from the classic insurer’s theme of ‘risk’ and focuses on protection and security. Research gained from interviews with risk managers revealed a profound reaction to a period of heightened uncertainty and instability and reflected an acute need for precisely the kind of global protection that ACE provides.”

Chairman & CEO Brian Duperreault noted: “In today’s environment of a hard insurance market, restricted coverage and budget cuts, ACE is committed to providing the security and protection that businesses need in order to succeed. Our new strategy assures our clients that we have the depth of capabilities and innovative solutions needed in today’s complex marketplace.”

Following the launch at RIMS, the campaign will move into the marketplace through the established media. Television spots, created by cinematographer Lance Acord, “feature a continuum of universal images usually associated with protection–safe doors, drawbridges, rain hats, windbreakers, and even the peel of an orange and the lid of an eye,” said ACE. “However, in an evocative reversal, each of these is shown not closing but opening. The message is clear: Protection. It’s not what it guards you against, it’s what it lets you do.”

The ads will run on Bravo, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Public Radio (NPR) and ESPN in addition to Fox News, CNN and CNBC. ACE also plans to have a major presence in golf media using ESPN tournament coverage of the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship. Advertisements will also appear in Golf Magazine and Golf Digest around the Masters and other major PGA events. The campaign was developed by the New York office of Doremus Advertising and will run throughout the year.

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