Maryland Clocks Thousands of E-ZPass Drivers Speeding

January 13, 2015

The Maryland Transportation Authority has clocked thousands of E-ZPass users speeding through state toll facilities, but the agency isn’t issuing speeding tickets.

The Baltimore Sun reports the agency began recording the speed of E-ZPass drivers in 2002. Last year there were 23,454 speeding violations clocked. But there are no signs at toll booths showing speeds are being monitored.

Maryland law allows the agency to revoke a driver’s E-ZPass transponder for 60 days after a second violation within six months. But the agency’s current policy is to mail warnings to drivers caught speeding.

Agency spokeswoman Rebecca Freeberger says no E-ZPasses have been suspended in the past five years. But the agency used to issue suspensions. In the first half of 2005, 100 customers received E-ZPass suspensions for speeding.

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