Police Report on Freeh’s Vermont Car Crash Cites Lack of Sleep

September 29, 2014

A police report into a car crash that injured former FBI Director Louis Freeh last month said he told investigating officers he didn’t remember leaving his vacation home and hadn’t slept well the night before.

In the Uniform Crash Report filed Thursday with the Department of Motor Vehicles, investigators said Freeh’s comments were consistent with a driver falling asleep or suffering a medical condition. But there was no evidence Freeh suffered a medical condition.

The report into the crash on Aug. 25 at 12:16 p.m. included interviews with three witnesses who described how Freeh’s southbound car on Vermont Route 12 drifted across the northbound lane, causing a motorcyclist and two motorists to move out of his way. His 2010 GMC Yukon traveled 366 feet after it left the road, hitting a mailbox, a ledge, a hedge row of trees, coming to rest against a tree.

Freeh, who is from Wilmington, Delaware, has a vacation home in Barnard. He was airlifted to a hospital in Lebanon, New Hampshire, following the crash.

The police report said that when troopers first went to interview Freeh on Aug. 26 they were unable to speak with him because he had just come out of one surgery and was headed into another.

The report said Freeh, 64, suffered significant injuries mainly to his left side, including his leg and arm and the left portion of his face. State police recommended that he be issued a written warning for failing to maintain lanes for traffic.

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