New Jersey City to Reimburse for Sewage Backup

August 8, 2014

Clifton’s City Council has voted to reimburse a homeowner after the city’s sewage test flooded a basement, ruining a joint birthday celebration and flooring that was put down the day before.

Officials had apologized to Mike and Jennifer Prybicien after last month’s mishap and promised to pay for the cleanup and new plumbing work.

But the city’s attorney told the couple to first collect on their homeowner’s insurance before asking the city to pay for repairs.

The Record newspaper reports Councilwoman Mary Sadrakula told the council it’s a disgrace the town hides behind “some nonsense law that can be interpreted any which way you want.” She says this shows “Clifton is a city that cares.”

The council voted to pay the couple $15,000 for cleanup costs and new flooring.

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