New York Company Recalls Cribs after 2 Infant Deaths

October 22, 2008

Delta Enterprises is voluntarily recalling nearly 1.6 million older versions of its drop-side cribs after two infant deaths, a company spokesman said Monday.

The company said about 985,000 drop-side cribs made between 1995 and 2005 require safety pegs that consumers may have lost during reassembly. Another 600,000 drop-side cribs made during the same time have spring pegs that can become worn out after many uses.

The recall doesn’t affect any cribs in retail inventory now.

The company will offer replacement safety pegs or spring peg kits to consumers.

“We’re erring on the side of caution,” said Jack Gutt, spokesman for New York-based Delta Enterprise. “Anyone who calls and has these cribs that were constructed in these time periods, we’re going to send anybody and everybody either additional safety pegs or the retrofit kit.”

The company is setting up a web site at for consumers

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