Provost to Succeed Crouse as Chief Vermont Captive Regulator

March 17, 2008

When long-time regulator Leonard Crouse retires as deputy
commissioner of the Vermont Captive Insurance Division in June, David F. Provost will step up to the post.

Provost is an assistant chief examiner in the division who has risen in the ranks under Crouse’s leadership since 2001. He has a total of 18 years in the captive insurance field in both the private and regulatory arenas. He has handled client advisory services, accounting, systems management, program development, marketing, captive formation, licensing and regulation.

He previously worked for AIG Insurance Management Services, and managed accounts and systems at Sedgewick Management Services
(US) Ltd., and Johnson and Higgins Services, Inc. He has served as treasurer of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association.

Under Leonard Crouse’s leadership, Vermont grew to become the premier domicile for captive insurance companies. The Captive Insurance Division is housed in the Vermont Department of
Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Administration (BISHCA). The deputy position oversees the Captive Insurance Division and is responsible for the administration and regulation
of captive insurance companies and risk retention groups.

BISHCA’s Commissioner Paulette Thabault made the announcement. “I believe David Provost’s acquired Vermont regulatory know-how, coupled with his private industry experience and contacts, will serve the state well,” she said.

Source: Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Administration

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