In N.Y., Wife Sentenced 25 Years for Killing Husband for Insurance Money

May 14, 2007

A New York woman was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison last week for killing her husband by lacing his drink with antifreeze in hopes of obtaining his life insurance proceeds.

Marguerite Bork insisted she was innocent, saying in a lengthy court statement that she loved Terrance Bork “with all my heart.” She also said it was “horrific” for the family to endure a criminal investigation while coping with his death.

Bork, 63, of Ava, was convicted in March of second-degree murder. Her defense attorney plans to appeal, saying the evidence was equally indicative of suicide and that Terrance Bork had been depressed about his deteriorating physical condition.

Terrance Bork, 50, died after consuming a drink laced with odorless, sweet-tasting antifreeze in September 2005. Trial testimony showed he had been hospitalized about six months earlier with the same poisoning symptoms, and that Marguerite Bork had encouraged him to drink a liquid around that time.

Authorities said Bork killed her husband to collect from his life insurance policy after finding out he was having an affair and planning to leave her.

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