National Guard Helps Vermont with Potential Flood Issue

March 13, 2007

Gov. Jim Douglas authorized the mobilization of a National Guard task force to assist the City of Montpelier, Vt. with preparations for a potential flood.

It is estimated that the soldiers, working with the specially designed machine, can produce approximately 250 sandbags every hour. Guard vehicles will be used to distribute pallets of sandbags throughout downtown Montpelier, including the Capitol Complex.

Douglas said 18 to 20 members of the Vermont National Guard would begin March 13 by first assisting Montpelier with the assembly and distribution of sandbags.

“I’ve asked our National Guard to mobilize a task force to assist the City of Montpelier with its flood preparations,” the Governor said. “They will begin by using their sandbag machine and other equipment to fill and distribute as many as possible throughout the downtown area.”

The Governor also praised the many other state employees who have contributed to the preparations.

“Many state employees have worked diligently for several weeks to establish systems to monitor the river, set in place emergency communication and evacuation policies, and ensure the continuity of government in the event of a flood,” he said. “While we continue to hope for the best, we’re preparing for the worst. And all throughout state government, employees continue to meet this challenge head on.”

Source: Office of the Governor of Vermont

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