Conn. Car Registration Stickers Move Inside to Thwart Thieves

July 12, 2006

Governor M. Jodi Rell is advising Connecticut motorists that they will soon receive new motor vehicle registration stickers that will be placed inside the windshield rather than on the rear license plate – an effort to thwart thieves who often target the stickers and sell them.

“The theft of registration stickers has been a particularly challenging law enforcement issue, especially in our cities,” Rell said, “and this simple, common sense change will go a long way toward resolving this problem.”

Because the stickers are not easily removed from license plates, thieves often cut off the corner of the plate with the sticker still attached, and then sell them to unscrupulous car dealers or other individuals.

In the last three years, state police say nearly 26,000 plates have been reported stolen in the state.

But in an effort to counter this crime, beginning with vehicle registration renewal notices that the Department of Motor Vehicles will send later this month, customers will be instructed to put a new and larger sticker in the lower driver’s side corner of the windshield. These renewal notices will be for registrations that expire September 1 and later.

Motorists will receive new stickers when either renewing a registration or buying a car with a new registration. The new stickers will be phased in over the next two years.

“This new windshield sticker, like those used in many other states, will help put a stop to the growing problem of sticker and plate theft around Connecticut, particularly in our cities. It is the long-term solution that helps both the motorists and the police,” the governor said.

The new registration sticker is larger and will change color each year. It will partially destruct upon removal to prevent fraudulent use. DMV plans to mail windshield stickers starting July 21 with all paid registration renewals. After September 1, the DMV and licensed car dealers will issue the windshield stickers with new registrations.

Source: Governor Rell’s office

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