N.J. AG, Division of Consumer Affairs Sue 3 Car Dealers

December 9, 2005

New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey and the Division of Consumer Affairs have filed suit against three car dealers for allegedly violating the State’s Consumer Fraud Act and other regulations governing the advertisement and sale of used and new vehicles.

The three dealerships named in the lawsuits, filed in State Superior Court venues, are Lilliston Ford of Vineland; Northeast Leasing of Plainfield and company officers Jed S. Efrus and Scott N. Efrus; and Rocmen Enterprises (doing business as Michael D’s) of Linden and company officer Michael A. DiCecilia.

“Key information that consumers need, and are legally entitled to, in order to make an informed purchasing decision either was allegedly not disclosed or misrepresented and inaccurate,” Harvey said. “These alleged violations include not disclosing prior motor vehicle damage, something any purchaser obviously would want to know.

“The law requires and consumers expect all the facts to be disclosed prior to a sale occuring,” Harvey added.

The lawsuits seek reimbursement for affected customers, maximum civil penalties and compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Civil penalties under the State Consumer Fraud Act are up to $10,000 for a first offense and up to $20,000 for each additional offense.

“The alleged deceptions and withholding of information from consumers is something we cannot tolerate,” according to the Division of Consumer Affairs. “The customer is not required to ask for information about the vehicle’s condition, the onus is on the dealer to disclose the information. A customer does not have to play ’20 Questions’ in order to learn about the condition of a vehicle.”

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