Del. Moves to Yank License Plates of Uninsured Drivers

March 18, 2005

Delaware Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn has asked the Senate Public Safety Committee to send Senate Bill 20, a bipartisan bill improving the state’s enforcement tools against uninsured drivers, to the full Senate for a vote.

The bipartisan bill sponsored by Senator David Sokola and State Representative Donna Stone provides the state with the authority to confiscate the license plates of individuals who have failed, after numerous opportunities, to show proof of insurance.

Denn told the Committee that reducing the number of uninsured drivers in Delaware could bring about a reduction in the auto insurance premiums. “As I have spent the last few months talking to our auto carriers, and looking at the experience of states that have had success reducing their auto rates,” he said, “reducing the number of uninsured drivers is one factor that is constantly brought up.”

Denn said he believes that the bill was a matter of basic fairness. “This legislation sends a clear message to uninsured drivers,” he said. “The law-abiding drivers of Delaware will no longer subsidize your illegal activities by paying higher auto insurance rates.”

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