Pa. Fire Commissioner, Health Secretary Note Feb. 6-12 as Burn Awareness Week

February 1, 2005

On behalf of Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell, State Fire Commissioner Ed Mann and Health Secretary Dr. Calvin Johnson have recognized Feb. 6-12, as National Burn Awareness Week, which provides an opportunity for burn, fire and life safety educators to promote burn awareness and prevention efforts in communities.

“Each year thousands of people suffer fire and other heat-related injuries and deaths that could have been prevented,” said Mann. According to the American Burn Association, sponsor of National Burn Awareness Week, more than 1 million burn injuries and 4,500 fire and burn deaths occur nationwide each year.

“During this time of year, it is important to practice proper use of heating units and appliances to avoid the risk of burns and fires,” said Dr. Johnson. “Another key aspect of burn prevention is closely supervising children around the home and paying attention to potential burn hazards such as stoves, ovens and hot liquids.”

According to the American Burn Association, burns from building fires, portable heating and cooking appliances, contact with electricity, and hot liquid scalds account for many of the burn injuries reported in Pennsylvania each year.

According to Mann, “Fires, hot liquid, and electricity often cause painful and disfiguring burn injuries. The best weapon we have to prevent burn tragedies is to stop fire before it starts.”

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