Adesso Systems Brings Mobility to Mutual Fire Ins. Assoc. of New England

September 4, 2003

Adesso Systems, a leader in providing companies with a distributed application platform to keep mobile users always connected and productive, and Mutual Fire Insurance Association of New England, a provider of survey and loss control services to member companies, announce an agreement to supply its field inspectors with a mobile solution using the Adesso Systems technology platform.

According to Vince Scuoteguazza, president and COO of Mutual Fire Insurance Assn. of New England, “Our field inspectors spend most of the day on the road inspecting buildings for many of our member companies – – mid-size to large insurance companies. Insurance companies want Mutual Fire to inspect the properties, collect the findings, prepare the reports, and forward the final analysis to them for further processing. Managing this workflow had become inefficient. In fact, it was affecting our business both financially and operationally. To better manage the information flow, we used the Adesso Systems platform to build and deploy a customized business application that gathered and synchronized data with our corporate database on a daily basis. Its user-friendly interface also made it easy to prepare reports that our member companies require for each inspection. This endeavor built the platform that enables our inspectors to work in a disconnected environment and also set the stage to truly maximize our efficiencies by using tablet PCs or handhelds. Adesso Systems has been a great partner in helping us assimilate new technologies into our business workflows.”

The Adesso Systems technology platform provides companies with an alternative to traditional application development initiatives. Our platform accelerates this process by providing business and technology users with an interface that is easy to use and intuitive. Greystone Solutions, a leading custom application developer in Woburn, MA, was selected to perform the integration of the Adesso platform for the Mutual Fire Insurance Association of New England.

“Greystone Solutions has developed .NET applications, business intelligence solutions and office automation systems for hundreds of organizations,” says Bob Shear, CEO of Greystone Solutions. “In other words, we’ve worked with a wide variety of customers, vendors and software, so we’re in a unique position to judge the Adesso solution. Overall, we found the Adesso Systems technology to be both innovative and powerful.”

The Adesso Systems technology platform empowers users by providing them with the capability to design and deploy applications that represent their business not someone else’s. It also incorporates collaboration and synchronization capabilities where occasionally-connected business devices (e.g., laptops, handhelds, or tablet PCs) have access to the same data views that can be found via the desktop. By storing data locally as well as on the server, workers can access and record important data whether they are on or off line. The Adesso Systems solution only updates the information that has changed; thereby, providing your users with complete data views at all times.

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