ISO Introduces Online Medical Reference Library

August 7, 2003

New Jersey-based Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) has introduced an on-line medical reference library as a resource for insurance claims adjusters to learn quickly about various injuries, treatments and complications relating to claims handling.

The new Medical Library for Claims Professionals has been developed by ISO claims experts from industry sources on trauma medicine and treatments. The library is integrated with the ISO Claims Outcome Advisor™ (COA™) information database and features texts with detailed explanations for more than 13,000 different injuries, treatments, complications and preexisting conditions and related topics.

Texts are organized by body parts, with information on anatomy, injuries and injury management. Graphics, including animated images of joint motions, supplement textual explanations.

“The wealth of information in the medical library helps less experienced adjusters get up to speed more quickly. It also broadens the medical education of more experienced adjusters,” said Lee Fogle, vice president of ISO Claims Services, Inc. “With easy on-line access to the information, claims adjusters learn quickly about injuries, treatments and complications underlying the settlement of injury claims. This gives adjusters greater confidence in handling claims involving complex medical conditions,” Fogle added.
COA customers can access the Medical Library for Claims Professionals free of charge.

The medical library text and illustrations can be accessed directly over the web or installed in-house, giving adjusters a deeper understanding of claimants’ injuries and medical conditions. Using the intuitive index and search features, adjusters can freely browse through the entire library for general research on injuries and treatments. In addition, the alphabetical glossary of medical terms helps adjusters understand unfamiliar medical conditions. The medical library is updated regularly to reflect new developments and new medical procedures and treatments of injuries.

“Knowledge and skills of claims professionals are at the core of an efficient injury-claims operation. By using the new medical library’s resources and features, claims adjusters can further expand their understanding of injury claims and expedite claims settlement decisions,” Fogle added.

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