Unisys Unveils New Solutions

June 10, 2003

Pennsylvania-based Unisys Corporation announced a family of four new solutions based on the Unisys Business Blueprinting initiative. The solutions are designed to improve insurers’ and banks’ ability to transform their businesses as they look to integrate legacy systems with the industry’s second wave of Web services. The solutions are: Banking and Mortgage, Enterprise Payments, Life Insurance and Pension, and Property and Casualty/General Insurance.

Unisys Business Blueprinting is a comprehensive consulting, development and delivery strategy that builds models that link business processes to the software and systems that support them. Unisys Business Blueprinting allows clients to visualize how changes would affect not only the IT infrastructure but also the business itself. This enables them to rapidly assemble new business structures – new in terms of people, processes, and technology – to prepare for shifts in the market, shifts in the organization, or shifts in the technology. Unisys is applying this approach to the arena of high-volume, business-critical systems in the industries the company serves.

Unisys has developed these new solutions based on the Unisys Business Blueprinting strategy in banking and mortgage, enterprise payments, life insurance and pension, and property and casualty/general insurance. In addition, the company has applied this strategy to common processes that touch the financial services industry as a whole, including fraud detection, risk monitoring and compliance, customer relationship management, image and workflow and other concerns.

The four new solutions allow financial institutions to:

*rationalize multiple delivery channels to ensure banks’ and insurers’ sales strategy and operating processes are aligned.
*integrate new and existing technology to recognize patterns and eliminate redundancies, reducing costs.
*make smart, fast product decisions customized to account and policyholders’ life events and individual needs.
*integrate Web services seamlessly with business strategy to turn account or policy inquiries into immediate sales opportunities.
*incorporate an enterprise-wide view of payments that uses technology to break down product-centric silos and transform business processes. This is particularly important in light ever-changing business and consumer e-payments trends, as well as converging industry issues such as digital imaging exchange and workflow, cross-border payments, the Check Clearing of the 21st Century Act and related concerns.
*implement real-time, aggregate analysis of compliance, risk management, client relationship management, policy administration and other systems to maximize return-on-investment and reduce costs.
*evaluate multiple data sources to make quick, intelligent decisions to deter sophisticated fraud schemes and meet ever-changing compliance regulations, particularly important as a result of Basel II, the Gramm-Leach Bliley, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability and USA PATRIOT Acts, and other regulatory challenges.

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