New ADEPT Driver Program Boosts Telematics Policyholder Retention

By Newswire | October 25, 2023

ELK GROVE, Calif. (Oct. 25, 2023)ADEPT Driver®, a research and product development company that provides driver safety training to the insurance industry, today announced the details of a new program designed to increase telematics policyholder retention and enhance crash avoidance skills.

Telematics Tutor™ will join the award-winning organization’s online offerings in November.

As telematics dropout rates soar, Telematics Tutor helps insurers reestablish trust with policyholders by demystifying usage-based insurance and teaching drivers how to improve their UBI scores. The science-based course effectively modifies driver behavior by targeting the underlying causes of auto crashes.

“We are excited about the potential of integrating neurocognitive assessment metrics with UBI and telematics metrics to improve underwriting pricing models and predictive analytics,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver.

High-risk drivers with low telematics driver risk scores can take Telematics Tutor and improve their scores by learning what factors contribute to risk score calculations and then changing their driving behaviors. In addition to premium discounts, higher customer satisfaction and safer driving, this can lead to increased adoption and lower dropout rates, as well as better retention of high-value, lower-risk customers.

“Effective driver behavior modification can reduce loss costs and increase profitability,” Harkness said. “The best way to reduce your loss costs is to not have the claim in the first place.”

ADEPT Driver’s decades of research and epidemiology studies have confirmed the overall efficacy of crash avoidance training and identified the driving, behavioral and neurocognitive factors that are critical to reducing the risk of auto collisions.

In recent months, ADEPT Driver published research papers highlighting how driver training can boost insurer profitability and reduce claims costs. Independent agents and brokers are encouraged to read and distribute a guide that helps their clients outsmart their telematics scores.

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The company’s ITC Vegas booth is No. 2058.

About ADEPT Driver

ADEPT Driver, founded in 1995, reinvented crash avoidance training by assembling a world-class team of renowned doctors, behavioral scientists, insurance industry leaders and traffic safety experts.

Viewing vehicle crashes as a treatable behavioral disorder has resulted in revolutionary training programs with unparalleled effectiveness in driver safety training. ADEPT Driver’s programs include teenSMART®, Advanced Driver®, Lifelong Driver®, Psychometric-Based Insurance® and Telematics Tutor.

Other driver safety programs identify the symptoms associated with unsafe driving.

ADEPT Driver’s programs effectively treat the causes.

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