Texas All Risk General Agency, Inc. Awarded Exemplary Agent by Nautilus Insurance Group

By Newswire | April 29, 2015

Dallas, TX, April 29, 2015 – Texas All Risk General Agency, Inc. has been awarded the rare distinction “Exemplary Agent” by Nautilus Insurance Group (a W. R. Berkley Company). Nautilus gives this designation to only two 2 MGAs per year.

Texas All Risk President, Kelly Davis, cites Nautilus’ early adoption and ongoing development of web services solutions as a major factor in her company’s success with the carrier. “We started building out an advanced web services platform back in 2010 – well ahead of the curve – and Nautilus has been supportive as well as instrumental in helping us develop 2-way tools that offer both easy solutions for retailers and maximum underwriting protection for carriers. Consequently, the results are evident in both growth and profitability.”

The Texas All Risk platform, called the TARGET Rater, is a proprietary system built in conjunction with I-Engineering and launched in 2012. Highly unique in the MGA space, The TARGET Rater has built in the underwriting guidelines for ALL the MGA’s carriers (and all Binding Authority Class Codes). The retail agent is able to qualify the risk dynamically by Class, by Carrier. The result, which takes just minutes, allows the retail agent to see a fully developed, fully underwritten quote from EVERY carrier whose appetite accepts the risk. The retail agent can then compare premiums, deductibles, coverages, forms/exclusions – even creating multiple custom retail presentations if they choose – and ultimately decide which quote they wish to sell. From that point, the retail agent can complete the entire sales process online without ever leaving the digital platform.

The process is designed for maximum efficiency for all parties – especially the retailer. According to Ms. Davis, “That’s why our website says ‘We do, in 2 minutes, what takes others 2 days (if not 2 weeks)!’”

Texas All Risk General Agency, Inc., established in 1983, serves Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. For more information, visit www.allriskga.com


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