Upcoming ReSource Pro Webinar Delivers Insights on Insurance Process Improvement

By Newswire | February 8, 2012

New York, NY, 2/8/12 – ReSource Pro LLC, the premier provider of business processing solutions for the insurance industry, announced today that the members of its Productivity Solutions Group will join Assurex Global to host an educational webinar on the value of applying Lean process improvement techniques to insurance operations.

The February 14th webinar will provide attendees with a step-by-step guide to reducing waste and redundancy within their operations via collaborative process mapping sessions that empower employees to create more efficient processes. The presenters will demonstrate the ways in which they utilize Lean techniques to analyze back office insurance procedures, streamline end-to-end workflows, and eliminate inefficiencies – both isolated and system-wide – that create backlogs, bottlenecks, and E&O exposures while lowering profit margins.

Judy Sigel, a 40-year veteran of the insurance industry and current head of Productivity Solutions Group at ReSource Pro, says that “Most insurance organizations don’t realize how much they have to gain through process improvement. Lean practices are extremely relevant to insurance, because without a continual process of re-evaluation and review, routine operations grow dated and facilitate waste and human error losses. It is especially powerful when organizations are able to delegate routine tasks to the right insurance processing provider. We are very excited at the opportunity to share the knowledge and data we’ve gathered over the past three years with Assurex Global Partners, and we hope to continue working together to help them improve their internal processes.”

Since 2009, Judy and her team have performed more than 30 Lean processing events. They have exposed millions of dollars in cost and time savings and helped clients redeploy staff members to perform more value-added work by mapping end-to-end workflows, standardizing processes, and eliminating waste.

About ReSource Pro: Founded in 2003 with corporate headquarters in New York City, ReSource Pro is the leading provider of processing solutions for insurance organizations. The company has over 1000 employees who process more than 3500 tasks for over 135 clients. ReSource Pro’s mission is to assist in transforming insurance processing operations into an engine of revenue growth, profitability and competitive advantage. For more information, visit www.resourcepro.com.

About Assurex Global: Founded in 1954, Assurex Global is the world’s premier network of independent insurance, risk management and benefits brokers. With over $28 billion in annual premium volume and more than 500 Partner offices over six continents, there is an Assurex Global Partner ready to protect your interests anywhere in the world. For a complete listing of Assurex Global offices, or for more information, visit www.assurexglobal.com.


Patrick Coffee
Communications Specialist
ReSource Pro

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