Texas Department of Insurance Licenses Cognalysis™ Reserving System

November 19, 2010

Saint Paul, MN – November 19, 2010. Christopher Gross Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Texas Department of Insurance is licensing the Cognalysis™ Reserving System, to assist with the Department’s analysis, as it pertains to financial solvency regulation of property casualty insurance companies.

The Cognalysis™ Reserving System is a tool used in the estimation of loss reserves in property casualty insurance. It provides a unique perspective on a wide variety of related loss development topics and assists actuaries not only with the development of point estimates, but with ranges of uncertainty as well.

“I like using the Cognalysis™ Reserving System because it is user friendly, includes statistical analysis to identify patterns in the data and optimize the weighting of reserve methods, and provides a unique tool for estimation of reserve ranges” said Jennifer Wu, P&C Actuary, at the Texas Department of Insurance.

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