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June 10, 2008

“A couple of days ago our agency president asked me if we could run a report in “the system” that lists all of our clients by age, as he was interested in undertaking a long term care marketing campaign for people who are between 45-65 years old. I told him that AMS360 COULDN’T DO IT in the format he wished, but we now have QueryPlus, which gives us access to all of our data and allows us to manipulate it in the format we choose. Within minutes I was able to run a report of our clients by age, using the drivers listed on personal auto policies as the source data. I then was able to export it to an Excel file, slightly manipulate it, and e-mail it to him. It was extremely easy and quick and allowed us access to a report that we simply can’t get from AMS 360. I look forward to utilizing QueryPlus for future reports. Thanks!” – Marc McNulty -Uhl Agency

Since the AMSUG endorsement – Over 25 agencies have licensed QueryPlus in the past 30 days!

This AMSUG endorsed product puts you in control of your information. QueryPlus is an innovative data manipulation and extraction tool that eliminates the need to hire a consultant or wait weeks for customized reports. Using four screens and pull down menus, anyone can set up data filters, define customer data groups and extract database information – in any combination he or she needs – without writing a single line of code.

QueryPlus, Gives AMS AFW and AMS 360 Users Instant Access to ALL of their Data – The Possibilities are Endless.

*Combine data from ANY database fields
*Create custom pivot tables, filters and groups
*Export data in multiple formats, including .pdf, .exe and .doc
*Use report wizards to design your own customized reports
*Do you want to see your hit ratio by agent?
*Do you want to know quotes versus policy ratios?
*Do you want to know if the marketing dollars spent in particular zip codes increased your sales?

QueryPlus enables you to find out all of this – and more.

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Remember to identify yourself as an AMS Users’ Group member to receive a 15% discount on the product.


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