“Selfies” Likely Cause of Fatal Small Plane Crash Near Denver

February 4, 2015

Federal investigators say “selfies” were a likely factor in a small plane crash near Denver, Colo., last year that killed two people.

The National Transportation Safety Board said recordings from a GoPro camera found near the wreckage show the pilot and a passenger were taking flash “self-photographs” with their cellphones before the May 31 crash.

An NTSB report released Friday said it was likely that cellphone use disoriented the pilot. It said the cause of the crash was probably an aerodynamic stall and that the aircraft spun into the ground.

KUSA and The Denver Post reported Tuesday the crash killed 29-year-old pilot Amritpal Singh and a passenger who had taken off from Front Range Airport in Adams County. The wreckage was found about a mile west of the airport.

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