Montana City Settles With Man Whose Wife Died in DUI Crash

March 8, 2013

The City of Billings, Mont., has settled a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit filed by a man who argued officers should have arrested a drunk driver two hours before she caused the death of his wife in a crash.

The Billings Gazette reported Wednesday that the city settled the case with John Trewhella for $220,000 without admitting liability.

Trewhella sued after 59-year-old Merry Jane Trewhella died on Feb. 20, 2010. Her car was hit by a pickup driven by Tawny Fisher-Jones after she ran a red light.

Two hours earlier, a man called 911 to report an intoxicated woman was driving a truck and was stuck in the snow. Fisher-Jones was in the truck but a friend had taken the keys. Police allowed another woman to take Fisher-Jones home.

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