Sierra Vista, Ariz. Turns On Red Light Cameras

October 12, 2011

Sierra Vista’s first red light photo enforcement camera is clicking away. Redflex systems will be installing at least four more cameras at city intersections. The cameras will catch drivers who run red lights, even if they are turning left or right. The cameras will also take pictures of drivers who go more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.

KVOA-TV reports drivers who are caught in the first 30 days will only get a warning in the mail.

City officials say Sierra Vista is not out to make money. All the money goes to Cochise County Justice Courts.

Redflex will make $45 on each of the first 150 paid tickets, and $35 after that. Redflex only makes money if the offender pays the citation.

The city can cancel the contract if accidents do not improve by 25 percent in the first year.

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