Arizona Wilddfires Force More Evacuations

June 8, 2011

Arizona’s wildfires — among the largest in the state’s history — are causing more areas and whole towns and communities to be evacuated. Meanwhile, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a Declaration of Emergency in response to the wildfires raging in Apache and Greenlee Counties. This declaration releases $200,000 from the Governor’s Emergency Funds (via the State General Fund) to pay for emergency responses and recovery expenses for damage resulting from the fires.

The funding will support costs not covered by the federal fire management assistance grant, as well as recovery efforts following suppression of the fire. The Governor’s Emergency Declaration also authorizes the Adjutant General to mobilize the Arizona National Guard as necessary to protect life and property.

In addition, the Governor has called for activation of the State Emergency Operations Center to provide coordination and direction for all state emergency response activities to assist in the protection of life and property within Arizona.

“As the Wallow and other wildfires in the state expand, hundreds of homes and millions of dollars in property and personal belongings are at risk,” said Ron Williams, executive director for Arizona Insurance Council (AIC). “Having the right insurance coverages for your homes, autos, boats and other personal property are critical.”

To date, all costs associated with response to the Wallow Fire are being supported by the federal fire management assistance grant.

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