Montana Driver History Records, Vehicle Records Available Online

April 24, 2007

Officials with the Montana’s Motor Vehicle Division announced two online search services that will allow access to vehicle and driver history information online.

With the Driver History Records Service, people can search information recorded with the MVD to get individual driver history record information, including:

* Any driving restrictions placed on the driver license like corrective lenses or driving at night;

* All reported vehicle accidents including date and time of the accident and the number of reported injuries due to the accident, and

* Some personal information including legal name, date-of-birth and type of driver license, including commercial licenses.

“This online search is much more convenient for Montanans,” said Motor Vehicle Division Administrator Dean Roberts. “Prior to the public having access to this online service, the process took several days.”

The Vehicle Search Service allows people to research the history of a pre-owned vehicle and get immediate results before purchasing the vehicle. Searchers can verify the legal owner, title history and registration information on each vehicle. Right now, the vehicle search is only available to registered users of Montana e-government services. Registered users pay an annual fee to have round-the-clock access to online services.

“This is a valuable service for buyers of used cars,” Roberts said. “We believe it results in a more informed buyer, and it may protect the buyer from scams, like unknowingly buying a stolen vehicle. Previously, this service was only available to authorized users like vehicle dealerships, insurance companies and banks.”

Roberts said both search services are secure, and do not include sensitive information like a home address, Social Security number or previous driver license number. Prior to starting an online search, users will be asked to certify that they have a valid reason to request the information. Each search costs $7. There is no fee for registered users of Montana e-government services.

For information, visit, under “online services.”

Source: Montana AG

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