Calif. Governor Seeks to Designate Marin County a Disaster Area

February 5, 2007

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to designate Marin County, Calif., a disaster area because of freezing temperatures in mid-January.

“Though the full effect of the freezing temperatures may not be realized until a later time, current estimates are reflecting a 30-40 percent loss to hay crops and pasture,” Schwarzenegger said in a letter to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns.

The low temperatures chilled the northern Bay Area county Jan. 11-17.

Schwarzenegger pointed out that preliminary surveys of Marin County growers indicate agricultural losses exceed $1.5 million.

“This damage will be devastating to affected producers, farm-related businesses and the general economy of the county,” the governor said.

The freeze destroyed more than $1 billion in crops throughout the state.

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