Arizona State Expands Alcohol Rules for Student Clubs, Requiring Insurance

October 4, 2006

Keggers hosted by clubs at Arizona State University may never be the same.

Under rule revisions by the Student Organization Resource Center and other school officials, alcohol at parties hosted by ASU clubs must be served by a third-party vendor and guests are prohibited from bringing their own alcohol.

The new rules, which were presented to clubs Sept. 19, mean that all organizations hosting parties with alcohol — even those held off-campus — must hire a licensed bartender with liability insurance or hold the parties at a location where a licensed, insured bartender serves alcohol.

“I think the important thing to remember is this is not a ban on alcohol,” said Jennifer Stults, assistant director for programs and activities in ASU’s Memorial Union. “It’s a policy designed to help student organizations host safe events.”

Other provisions include prohibiting drinking games, limiting the number of guests per club member to three and forbidding the sale of cups or alcohol to raise funds.

Possible consequences for groups that break the new rules could range from warnings to being removed from Greek Life or the Student Organization Resource Center, which provides funding and other services to clubs.

Some club leaders are scoffing at the new rules.

“You’re more liable for being in a club or an organization,” said Craig Zoebisch, president of the Interfraternity Council. “If you’re a normal student, it probably won’t ever affect you.”

He said ASU officials need to distribute information on the revised policy.

“It’s ASU’s responsibility to educate clubs about this new policy,” he said. “All we’ve gotten so far is this paper (and a) ‘Good luck.'”

Kristen Smith, a theater junior, said she understands ASU’s liability worries but has concerns about the policy.

“I feel because they’re so vague and there’s no support … that you can’t throw parties ASU-related, and that’s not what college is about,” she said.

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