SteamMaster Utilizes New Dry Ice Blasting Technology

August 7, 2005

Disaster Kleenup International Inc., a network of quality, independent property damage restoration contractors, announced that SteamMaster Cleaning and Restoration Inc., a DKI member company located in Minturn, Colorado, has purchased the Cold Jet dry ice blasting system.

SteamMaster began utilizing dry ice blasting in their mold remediation division two years ago. Since they purchased their Cold Jet dry ice blasting system, the firm has reportedly been successful in passing every post remediation verification test. They are able to completely remove mold from the surface of wood, a task they were unable to do as effectively and consistently with traditional methods.

Conventional cleaning methods require sanding and scraping mold from the wood’s surface. Dry ice blasting reportedly completely removes spores from the wood in less time, and with less effort. The process is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-abrasive and non-conductive -using thermal shock to clean in most applications. However, it uses kinetic energy when blasting on wood. As the dry ice (-78.5 C) blasts against the mold infested wood, it removes the top 1/16 inch of wood, and the mold along with it.

The system is reportedly particularly effective where engineered roof or floor joists and decking are impregnated with mold spores. In a single pass, SteamMaster’s crews have effectively and efficiently removed mold from multiple right-angled surfaces – historically, a back-breaking and time consuming process. The dry ice blasting system also provides remediation crews with access to tight areas that may otherwise have been unreachable.

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