Insurers Seek Amendment to Nev. ‘Black Box’ Bill

May 11, 2005

The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) said on Wednesday it is seeking an amendment to pending Nevada legislation that would provide insurance companies with post-accident access to information contained in “black boxes” installed on newer automobiles.

“Access to this data is important because it would help insurers fight fraud while administering accident claims fairly and accurately,” said PCI Legislative Advocate Kate Diehl.

The bill, AB 315, is being considered today by the Senate Transportation Committee. The measure would require manufacturers to disclose the existence of the black boxes (called Event Recording Devices) to buyers. The bill also fails to allow insurer access to the device’s information following an accident.

“Objective data from these devices will allow insurers to better reconstruct the events surrounding an accident which will aide in the resolution of a claim,” Diehl told the committee in prepared testimony.

“The PCI and its member companies also respect the proprietary interests of motor vehicle owners that have Event Data Recorders (EDR) installed in their cars. Nevertheless, to assure that crash claims are administered efficiently and fairly, property/casualty insurers should not be precluded from having access to EDR data when warranted,” Diehl said.

She noted that the recording devices can benefit everyone, from drivers to traffic and safety-control officials, law enforcement agencies, vehicle manufacturers, repair shops and insurers.

“EDR data can help quickly verify or disprove claimant or witness accounts and help determine whether alleged injuries are consistent with the nature of the collision,” Diehl said.

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