Injured Cops, Firefighters Blast Proposed Cuts in Calif. Injured Workers’ Benefits

April 9, 2004

  • April 9, 2004 at 3:33 am
    Cyndi Norris says:
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    Reading this article is very intesting since the only people worried about the changes in law are the trial lawyers and unions. The trial lawyers are concerned because they will lose money if the laws get stricter.
    Many states have a schedule of benefits that are fair to the worker who is injured on the job. If a worker returns to the same employement they should only get permantent disability, not wage suppliment. If California would istitute a Certified Workplace Medical plan they would see great saving. It woud still allow employees to have a choice of physician within the medical plan. Very much like a PPO or HMO program. It has worked in Oklahoma and other states and is a cost savings tool for employers as well.

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