Liability Reform Coalition Testifies in Support of ESSB 5728 in Washington

February 27, 2004

  • February 28, 2004 at 11:25 am
    Bonnie Lanyon says:
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    Two years ago I was paying approximately $7,000. per year in primiums. Last year it increased to over $38,000., this year my premium increased to $48,000. There are so many exclusions that the policy does not cover me for alot of the services that my company offers. so, I have to purchase additional insurance which will cost another $10,000. we have not even had a claim against our liability insurance, ever.

    We are planning on down sizing the company. It will more than likely mean lost jobs for some of our employees.

    Put caps on claims. Whatever needs to be done it needs to be done in a timely manner. Cut the b.s. and the red tape. Quite kissing everyone’s behind and get down to business.

    The attorney’s and lobbists have really messed up our country. Most senators are with a law background, and in order to justify their existance and their buddies, they keep writing more laws, the lobbists are very good salesman and the senator’s aren’t very good businessman watching out for their constituants best interest.

    Whatever happened to keeping it simple. integreity, honesty, and not blaming everyone else for your misfortunes. Hand shakes use to go a long way.

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