Calif. Drivers Face Heavy Rains, Surge in Auto Accidents

February 26, 2004

Calif. Drivers Face Heavy Rains, Surge in Auto Accidents||As wet weather covers most of California, slick and flooded roads threaten to wreak havoc for drivers, according to IINC.

Motorists having to drive in wet weather should slow down, allow more space between cars while driving and not try to pass through deep pools of water at flooded intersections. If involved in an accident, drivers should:

— Stop and find out if anyone is injured.

— If someone is injured, call the police or highway patrol. Tell them how many people were hurt and the types of injuries.

— Try to protect the accident scene. Take reasonable steps to protect one’s car from further damage and move it out of traffic if possible.

— Take notes at the accident scene. If possible, take pictures. Exchange and note the following information: License plate numbers; make and model of each car; driver’s license numbers; insurance identification, including name of insurance company, broker and/or agent, and policy number, if possible; names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses and names and badge numbers of police officers or other emergency personnel.

— If a driver runs into an unattended vehicle or object, try to find the owner. Otherwise, leave a note with one’s name, phone number and insurance information so that they can contact the driver. Remember that leaving the scene of an accident, no matter how small, is a crime.

After an accident, regardless of who is at fault, it is important to immediately call one’s insurance agent, broker or company to report the incident. Also find out whether one is covered for this loss.

IINC is a nonprofit, non-lobbying communications association representing the property/casualty industry. For more information, visit

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