ClearComp Seminars Offer Employers Strategies for Dealing with Calif.’s Workers’ Comp Crisis

February 25, 2004

ClearComp, an employer advocate based in Woodland Hills, California, is sponsoring a series of seminars designed specifically to address the needs of California’s beleaguered employers. Each of these Giant Seminars, led by industry experts, provides innovative solutions for dealing with the 2003 laws listed below, such as:

*Sue Your Boss Law. This new law encourages employees to sue their employers.
*Paid Family Leave. Most employers aren’t clear what they must do by July 1.
*Labor Contractor Law. Employers are liable for contractor violations.
*Sexual Harassment. Employers are now responsible for harassment by non-employees.
*Minimum Wage. Penalties have just gone up—again.
*Whistleblower Law. California’s employees now have a hotline straight to the Attorney General’s office.

In addition, the Giant Seminar attendees will learn strategies and tactics guaranteed to lower their workers’ comp bills.

California employers with five or more employees can’t afford to pass up this opportunity to learn from experts and other employers, and to get their specific questions answered.

ClearComp’s Giant Seminars will be held throughout March in several locations:

San Bernadino on March 2
Costa Mesa on March 4
Universal City on March 9
San Diego on March 11
City of Commerce on March 16
Torrance on March 24

Presenters include attorneys from leading law firms, including Preston, Gates & Ellis, LLP; Roxborough, Pomerance & Nye; and Law Offices of Leonard Silberman.

The one-day conference is moderated by Brent Heurter, Chief Solutions Officer, ClearComp, who also provides solutions for reducing workers’ comp premiums.

To find out more about the seminars and to register, visit or call 1-866-GIANT-HR.

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