Keenan & Assoc. Creates Workers’ Comp Pool for Calif. Schools

September 26, 2003

In the wake of crisis and turmoil in the California workers’ compensation arena, Keenan & Associates has created and implemented a new generation workers’ compensation program – a hybrid self-insurance and re-insurance model that now covers 381 school districts and community colleges in California. Keenan’s Protected Insurance Program for Schools and Community Colleges (PIPS) is one of the largest workers’ compensation insurance pool for schools in the country.

Bill Poland, executive vice president, Keenan & Associates, said, “California workers’ compensation premium rates have increased by almost 70 percent in the last four years. Through PIPS we have managed to effectively reduce the increase by half to 35 percent. That has translated into overall savings of nearly $65,000,000 – funds that are desperately needed in the classroom, not the insurance budget.”

Poland continued, “Keenan’s Protected Insurance Program for Schools and Community Colleges is a more viable and economic solution than the time honored alternatives of the past, and is built on a structure that better insulates schools against the rapidly deteriorating workers’ compensation crisis. PIPS provides protection against any future assessments up to a 99 percent confidence level.”

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