Sparks Fly During Nevada’s Legislative Session

June 13, 2003

The fireworks, bright lights and loud noises emanating from Nevada is not the Las Vegas strip, it is actually the final weeks of legislative debate in the state capital in Carson City.

Once again the Nevada Legislature has debated thousands of bills and insurance issues have sparked great controversy and attention. At the time this column went to print, Legislators were still duking it out as they approach the June 2nd deadline to adjourn the session.

Nevada legislators debated many important personal and commercial insurance issues in 2003. Insurers successfully lobbied to defeat a measure, AB 280 (Christina Giunchigliani-D), which would have required all auto insurance policies to include $2,000 in medical payments. This bill remains in the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee and is unlikely to move this year. This bill would have increased auto insurance rates for Nevada drivers. Nevada already has the 7th highest auto insurance rates in the nation. This bill would have forced consumers to purchase medical coverage they do not need because they are already covered by health insurance.

Insurers also lobbied against a measure, AB 367 (Vonne Chowning-D), which would have banned insurers from offering policyholders a list of recommended body shops to use for auto repairs. This bill has now been amended to require insurers to notify consumers of their right to use any auto body shop they would like which is consistent with similar laws in other states.

Editor’s note: See the full story in the June 9 issue of Insurance Journal West.

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