West Virginia Distracted Driving Ban Among Week’s New Laws

By LAWRENCE MESSINA | June 8, 2012

The days of legally driving while texting in West Virginia are numbered.

A new ban on texting that also targets hands-on cell phone chatter becomes law today. It’s among nearly 70 legislative bills taking effect that day.

But enforcement of the distracted driving law won’t begin until July 1. In the meantime, the state will put up road signs and air public service messages to explain the ban.

As of July 1, drivers can be pulled over for texting. Hands-on cell phone use will trigger traffic stops starting in July 2013, and will be secondary offenses until then.

Friday’s new laws also include measures that combat drug abuse, child pornography and the theft of copper wire and other metals. Another addresses when adults must report suspected child abuse and neglect.

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