American Mercury, Mercury Insurance to Refund $2M

May 9, 2006

  • May 20, 2006 at 2:20 am
    florence \"marie\" weeks says:
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    i found this article today and i just don\’t know what to say…i am a victim of mercury insurance and i have been trying to let people know as i have been trying to save my own life, dignity and sense of all things that has interfered with my rehabilitation. i have a long, sad story and i am still living it, but at least i am living. i have in an 8×10 frame of an offer to settle for $500.00 from MERCURY INSURANCE from injuries in a MVA on 09/29/2004, what an insult. it is for all my friends and family to see, and new people i hope to meet in my future after all my family and friends have seen my pain and lived with my pain for years. due to negligence on doctors and the insurance

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