Disaster Experts Visit Fla. Stores

July 28, 2005

Teams of experts in how to make homes and businesses safer from disasters are available at area home improvement stores through Monday, Aug. 1.

They will demonstrate some of the hardware available at the stores, such as roofing materials, hurricane clips, and paints that protect against mold and mildew in wet environments.

Building owners, contractors and anyone else who visits the stores can talk with the experts about individual safety tips and ideas for construction and remodeling. Brochures and other literature also will be available.

The technical experts visiting the area are from the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency. They specialize in hazard mitigation, promoting steps people can take to reduce damage from future disasters. The steps range from something as simple as having a family plan for what to do when disaster strikes to building a “safe room” that protects against most hurricane and tornado winds. The teams can also explain FEMA’s disaster assistance programs for helping individuals and businesses and make appropriate referrals.

Written material will be available on building safe rooms, minimizing damage to mobile homes, elevating homes, preventing mold and mildew, protecting against wind, buying flood insurance for financial protection, and many other topics. Similar print material is also available at Disaster Recovery Centers in the area.

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