AAI, Ga. Insurance Commission Working to Develop Mold Remediation Limits

February 21, 2005

The Alliance of American Insurers is working with the Georgia Insurance Commission to develop standard language for mold coverage in homeowner’s and commercial insurance policies. Under provisions of the changes, mold remediators could soon see their profit margins limited.

AAI said that Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine has said that he wants to protect property owners, they also quoted the commissioner as saying he would consider “placing (in insurance plans) limits for the cost of mold remediation.”

Georgia is the latest state to consider such limitations. Three-dozen states currently have limits, most of which have been implemented in the past year as mold contamination has become a controversial, high-profile issue.

The insurance commission has not set any timetable or deadline for the 340-member AAI to submit proposed language to the department, but an AAI spokesperson said it is expected to take weeks to reach a consensus.

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