Crawford Sees Gain in Q4 Revenues, Net Income

January 31, 2005

  • February 10, 2005 at 2:56 am
    Kris Vald says:
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    Those seen Crawford Gains in Q4 Revenues Net Income will mean nothing after Spitzer´s investigation.
    Less than nothing, after SEC´s Investigation.
    I see now why NYSE CRD-a and CRD-b had fall so badly in the last days.

    K Vald.

  • February 24, 2005 at 10:27 am
    Andy G. Mac Dowell says:
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    This here enclosed, is my today’s final analysis of the accumulated NYSE CRD-A and CRD-B stock losses since December 9th NYAG Eliot Spitzer’s subpoena.

    If you are a NYSE stockholder, you have the right to know that the Crawford Chile, Javier Carvallo´s Chilean affair (where this Carvallo Chilean ape is expecting to get an 80 thousand US dollars in future penalty returns, if he is lucky enough to get it someday), have cost to the Company at the moment; 50 million 3 hundred US dollars.

    If that is the kind of primates that are currently running the international operation of the Latin-American wing of Crawford & Company under Jeff Bowman’s directions, the only thing we may expect in the near future is more stupidity losses to be held.

    My advise for CRD-A and CRD-B NYSE stockholders therefore today is simple and easy:
    Drop them all…now!.

    US$ CRD-A Loss 16.178.495,36
    US$ CRD-B Loss 34.081.871,04
    Total CRD losses 50.260.366,40

    Data at:

    NYSE Investor.

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