Helping to Resolve Traffic Violations

January 10, 2005

Traffic Ticket Resolutions of North Carolina announced the launch of its service for people who want to favorably resolve a traffic citation in North Carolina. The new Internet system allows users to quickly and easily handle as much of a North Carolina traffic ticket online as they choose.

With a computer, click of the mouse, name and zip code, people can for the first time look up their North Carolina traffic case, get a local attorney and pay court costs and attorney’s fees online. reportedly combines the best of unique, secure technology, marketing techniques, and service fulfillment to more effectively settle straightforward traffic cases. The service aims to increase the cost-affordability of even the smallest traffic ticket by linking clients with experienced, affiliated local attorneys.

“We are very excited to extend our practice with the introduction of,” said Jennifer Yow, attorney. “ delivers new
affordability and convenience to thousands who otherwise would just ‘throw in the towel’ or not consider getting legal help for a routine traffic ticket.”

Approximately 800,000 traffic citations are issued each year in North
Carolina. Many people are reportedly frustrated by the papering, confusion, and inconvenience associated with resolving a routine traffic ticket. Local and out-of-state speeders, those who have been cited and do not by law have to make a court appearance, and people who think handling their ticket themselves will be the most effective, can reportedly all enjoy the benefits of today. enables local or out-of-state citizens the 24/7 ability to remotely communicate with an attorney whose results can typically help keep a driving record clean and insurance premiums down. In addition,’s total cost to handle a routine traffic matter is reportedly less than common offline administrative overhead costs.

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